The Secret of Us - Exclusive Red Vinyl


Ships on: July 17, 2024 Store Exclusive 

Gracie Abrams returns with her sophomore album, The Secret of Us released via Interscope Records. This is Gracie's most expansive body of work both sonically and narratively. Coming off the heels of her hugely successful debut Good Riddance, Gracie shows us how much she has accomplished in one short year. Gracie's growth as a songwriter and vocalist is showcased in her most extroverted album yet, as she continues to work with longtime collaborator Aaron Dessner. A portion of these songs were also written with Gracie's best friend, Audrey Hobert. This album was written with the urgency with which you run home to detail every moment of a night to your friend, with her live experiences over the past year having deeply shaped the identity of this album. 

12" Vinyl 1LP.


Side A: 
1. Felt Good About You 
2. Risk 
3. Blowing Smoke 
4. I Love You, I’m Sorry 
5. us. (feat. Taylor Swift) 
6. Let It Happen 
7. Tough Love 

Side B: 
8. I Knew It, I Know You 
9. Gave You I Gave You I 
10. Normal Thing 
11. Good Luck Charlie 
12. Free Now 
13. Close To You 

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